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Learn the Three Basic Types of a New or Used Filter Press

Industries that use solid/liquid separation processes however want to control costs may benefit from buying a used filter press or other previously owned equipment, rather than purchasing new. The equipment has a simple design of a skeleton and plates. It uses a pressure drive to procedure fixed volumes of liquid or slurry material in batches, and stops to release a "cake" before the second batch is begun.
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If You're Looking for a used filter media, you will find there are 3 main kinds:

Plate and Frame

This is the most elementary design. It's also known as a "membrane filter plate" and includes plates, frames, and encourage rails. Additionally, it includes a centrifuge pump that prevents solids from settling to the system and gives support through the separating chambers from your equipment. Each chamber includes a hollow framework that is separated from two plates through cloth. A cake accumulates as the slurry passes through every frame. As the cake thickens, the immunity causes the system to slow. It quits when the room has filled, and the desired pressure difference is reached. The frame and plate are all pulled apart, and the cake is discharged. After every release, each cloth is cleaned with a particular wash solution, and also the equipment is ready to start the next cycle.


This type is made from the exact same primary components. However, as its name implies, its operations are fully automated. It features larger plates and frames using mechanical plate shifters. The shifters rapidly transfer the plates so the cakes can be discharged quickly. This kind generally incorporates safety shutdown mechanisms. When there is not enough clamping pressure, the system will close down, preventing escapes between the discs. It also has a compressor in the filter plates that helps with drying out the cakes. The automated features permit the equipment to run more effectively, reducing disposal costs and operator time and increasing the life of the fabric and pumps.


This type contains polypropylene squares with a concave depression and centre hole. Two plates make a chamber to pressurize the slurry by means of a fabric liner into a chamber. It may hold up to 80 plates side by side, depending on how much capacity is necessary. The main difference between this type and the plate and frame type is that, with the recessed model, the way in which the plates are joined allows the cake to form in the recess of each plate. This attribute limits the cake size to be no longer than 32mm unless extra frames are used for separation. With this process, however, fabric changing takes more, leading to longer processing times between cycles. It also can't use filter newspapers, and may lead to uneven cakes.

Which kind of equipment is used depends on the anticipated capability going through the system, the operator experience, budget, and general facility preferences. When operated correctly, a used filter press will last a long time and require little maintenance. Industries that require this kind of gear but are concerned about prices may find purchasing pre-owned systems are the ideal alternative.

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