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CFC CARBON CO., LTD is a carbon group corporation that is the around the world main maker of graphite, graphite felt, carbon carbon composite and pyrolytic graphite.

CFC CARBON CO., LTD belongs to the graphite enterprise of HTMA Group. The firm is mainly engaged in developing international market of graphite, graphite felt and composite material. Currently, it has developt a production structure of graphite material, graphite felt and carbon composite.

We have Chinese graphite materials, and overseas graphite materials from Japan, France, USA. We specialize in precise graphite machining. We are capable of machining different types of graphite, such as graphite rods, graphite blocks, graphite boats, graphite pipes, graphite plates, graphite bearing, graphite heating elements, Vacuum heating furnace, Silicon thermal field, graphite crucibles and other parts from a wide range of applications.

Head office and machining centre is in Beijing, China.

Our factory of carbon composite is government owned. We have set up a research and development team, some of which has more than 45 years of research experience in research institute of China in the carbon composite material field, vigorously carried out application research and secondary development of special military technologies and focused on solving low-cost preparation and batch production problems of products. We have the primary advantages of the strongest domestic technical strength, the best employees, the largest equipment number, the strongest productivity, and the most complete detection facilities.

We manufacture a wide range of carbon composite products, from material (2D carbon composite, 3D carbon composite, 4D carbon composite) to products, like carbon composite heater, carbon composite mould, carbon composite insulation barrel, carbon composite bolts nuts, carbon composite screws studs, carbon composite crucible, carbon composite plates, carbon composite rods, Airplane brakes; Aircraft brake disc;… We produce Pan graphite felt, Rayon graphite felt, Rigid graphite felt, Pyrolytic graphite, HOPG with low price, big quantity.
Good reputation, reliable quality, best service and high technologies are our eternal objectives!
Hope we can be your partners soon. We will serve you with our quality products and top technologies and benefit each other.