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Environmentally Friendly Roofing

The roof is just one of the most important features of your house so it's very important that you opt for the right roofing material so that your roof will last you several years. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material. Asphalt shingles are very bad for the environment since they absorb heat, hold on to that warmth for a long time, and therefore are rarely recycled (since it's difficult). Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material as they're cheaper.
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If your roof is getting old and needs to be replaced why not replace it using a environmentally friendly roof. There are many choices available in green roofing. Here are a few:

The Living Roof This is one of the most well-known choices in regards to green roofing. These roofs have a layer of soil and plants grow on top of those. A living roof supplies much greater insulation than a asphalt shingle roof. A living roof makes it blend in to its surroundings, and they're beautiful. The topsoil which was removed during construction may be used as part of the dwelling roof. Green roofs comprise plants that help to replace the plants which were destroyed when the house has been constructed. Most living roofs are found in Germany. Green roof systems may be intensive or extensive depending on the plant material and planned use for the roof area. Intensive green roofs use a vast array of plants which might include trees and shrubs. They are extremely heavy and require a lot of support. Extensive roofs usually contain herbs, grasses, and mosses. They are not as heavy as intensive roofs. Green roofs can lower your electric bill. They also keep rain water from running into the ground. The plants on the living roof can help remove pollutants in the air.

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Metal Roofs Metal roofing is sustainable. It comprises a significant number of recycled material. It lasts a lot longer than asphalt shingle roofs and hardly ever needs to be replaced. When metal roofing needs to be replaced, it may be recycled. Metal roofing is fire resistant and will withstand strong winds. Metal roofs won't rust, crack, or rot. It never requires cleaning. Metal roofs are light weight so they don't require a good deal of support. Metal roofs may also be put within the original roof that saves removal and disposal expenses.

Cedar Shake Roofs Cedar shake roofs are also very popular. They are made of untreated cedar plus they don't rot like other wood material does. They also last longer than asphalt shingles. Enviroshake® is a composite roofing product which replicates the look of an antique cedar shake roof but is stronger and more resistant to wind, water, mold and mildew. Enviroshake roofing is mostly manufactured from recycled materials. There are lots of environmentally friendly options available for cedar shake roofs. One is actual cedar shingles that are harvested from well-managed forests or shake tiles made from recycled materials. Either way, you're going to get a long-lasting, beautiful roof which will add a traditional look to your home.

Ceramic Tiles Ceramic tile is principally used in the Southwest. Ceramic tile roofs can also be nontoxic and long-lasting. Individual tiles may occasionally need to be replaced but the whole roof is usually durable. Unglazed tiles are the most popular, but glazed ones also exist. Tiles are inclined to be expensive, and are also quite heavy.

Solar Tiles Solar roof tiles look just like normal roof tiles nevertheless they're coated with a thin film photovoltaic (PV) substance which generates power. 1 tile itself doesn't produce much electricity however covering an entire roof can produce a lot of electricity. In fact, an entire roof covered with solar tiles may easily generate enough power for your entire home.

If you choose to install solar roof tiles, you still will have to stay on the electrical grid because even the sunniest climates have cloudy days, which restricts how much power the tiles can create. You still need to have the ability to save a significant sum in your electric bill. This is an excellent time to buy solar powered tiles. There are many excellent state and federal tax incentives (around 80% of the cost). You can boost the value of your house and save on your bills by installing solar tiles.

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