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Evolving With A Different Type of Social Media

Media, the mode by which to communicate data between individuals, is always evolving, driven by the needs of customers. We, the consumers, are often so caught up in the whirlwind of change that one has to question: Do we understand what we really desire from our media? Apparently, our opinion is that we want another type of social media.
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The brand new stated mission of one of those giant social networking websites is to "give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected." How did the world link, before? The same way we do now: via networking. Media is shared with large numbers of individuals, and usually is based on technology for its own generation and distribution. Initially, you had to stride by the right cavern wall to get your daily re - cave paintings are a good example of just one of the first forms of media. Afterward, the alphabet gave new meaning to the static pictures we'd relied upon. Later on, the creation of the Gutenberg Press revolutionized media by making it feasible to generate the alphabet and stamped images for the masses. The improvement of mass printing allowed papers and pamphlets to be a primary media manner.

Input: junk mail. Shortly, the phonograph allowed audio recordings. Pictures added over mere sketches into the pages of our papers. Radio came along and revolutionized media in a topic of perceptible seconds. Movie theaters enabled the media revolution of video transmission (no wonder we love them). Television added yet another brand new visual dimension to household media. Seeing world events from the comfort of the armchairs kept us more connected then ever before.

Then, naturally, comes the business computer for media storage, the video player that allowed us to talk about videos, the walkman that allowed us to stylishly share music on-the-go, the digital cameras which enabled us to share hundreds of photos, and much more. Shortly afterwards, followed the consumer and personal computers which enabled the social networking boom of present moment. We are still preserving and transmitting visual and audio media like we did back in the afternoon, however, with the assistance of current electronic equipment, we are doing so far more rapidly and with amazing quality and quantity.

Multimedia combined the various forms to provide us with an entirely new form of communication. This evolution has taken us beyond our standard media modes, and enabled us to control a multimedia experience for societal conversation.

A different type of social media continues to evolve, and sweep us together with the evolution. We can learn more about current events than we ever wished to, in real-time, and share it across oceans and continents. We can discuss the internet freedom of speech with communities which otherwise might not experience that privilege. We can associate with distant loved ones, or find relief in an immediate message that they are secure on the opposite side of earth. Even when we consider just these benefits, we're much better off compared to the caveman.

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